Our professional mission:

Is to engage our community in the vision of natural health care through chiropractic, surrender to the process, and delight in the healing.


One of the founding principles of Chiropractic is that there is an inborn, innate, intelligence in all of us. This innate knowing is what helps us grow and heal. It communicates with the body through the nervous system.
The health of our spine has everything to do with this innate communication, our health, our well-being and the quality of our life.
Health is more than a simple composite of bio-medical indicators such as physical symptoms and improved physical function. Health includes the way we relate to the world; how we respond to stress physically, emotionally and mentally. Health includes being able to make spontaneous, constructive, life, health and wellness decisions; the ability to listen to our own inner knowing and take responsibility for our own well-being; understanding that our health affects our families, our friends and our community.
Wellness is being in the state of being where everything is good regardless of your circumstance or condition. A state of feeling connected and vital. Not how you feel, but how you feel about how you feel. Not about feeling better but better feeling.
Network Spinal Analysis is a series of gentle spinal touches that cue the brain to change from a state of defence to a state of healing.